Finding Bitcoin

The story of how I first found Bitcoin and started my journey down the rabbit hole

In May of 2010 an individual by the moniker, ‘Laszlo’, had purchased two pizza’s to share with his one year old daughter. These were no ordinary pizzas, these were pizzas purchased with a new internet money called Bitcoin. For 10,000 digital coins, Laszlo was able to get two pizza’s valued at around $30. The Bitcoin was valued at about $42, if someone would buy them.

As a Senior in high school, I was coasting by. I already knew where I was going to college so it was a constant battle against boredom on the road to graduation. I often found myself browsing the internet for hours, finding different pockets of life. I was browsing reddit one day and saw that someone had paid bitcoin for pizza. Curious about what Bitcoin was or why people wanted it, I took the red pill. I found myself booting up an older windows machine that could run Bitcoin-QT so I could start making my own money, how hard could it be?

Two days later, with my computer fan and cpu running at full speed, I remember asking on bitcointalk how long until I hit a block. Someone said it could be days and proceeded to send me 0.5 btc for free. I looked at that bitcoin, worth $0.002 and thought to myself, “wow, what a waste of time.”

In the following weeks, I proceeded to graduate from high school, forgetting that bitcoin existed. It was February 2011 when I started to hear about bitcoin again, when the price approached parity with the USD. This occasion caused me to stop and think. “Why does some ‘currency’ generated with a computer have the same value as a dollar?”

This fundamental question, shattered my beliefs about existing knowns. Value’s are rooted in belief of the system. People believe the USD is valuable thus it can be utilized to purchase goods. Nothing but the power of our government backs the USD, which in the current US political climate, is scary. This is the single most important reason Blockchain is such a phenomenon. It causes us to question established norms, shattering beliefs that we’ve spent decades building.

That seems like a good place to pick up tomorrow.