Welcome Back

It’s been a long time since I was writing with any consistency, at least three years. I am inspired by a friend who sits down to write every single day. It doesn’t matter how long the piece is, there’s no set topics, it’s his thoughts for anyone to read. I don’t know how many people read Art Of A Manager, but I do know Jake Udell has already had quite the career. Every day Jake wakes up and writes to share his perspective with the world. So at the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to write every single day.

When I set out to do this, I knew I needed to do it on my own site. I’ve rebuilt JesseGrushack.com at least three times now. Each time I have become a bit more rusty at writing code. This time around, I rebuilt the site using Jekyll, Github Pages, and Hyde By Mark Otto. It’s a light-weight combination of tools that make it easy way to publish content. Though it definitely took a few months to make time to do it and remember how to use terminal/git, but here we are!

What am I going to fill these pages with? At the moment, I am not completely sure. I will be writing about blockchain, the music / entertainment industry, what it means to force industries to chang, and any other topics that inspire me. Though I can guarantee some days it will be completely random. Getting my thoughts into words helps organize my brain and inspires others. Writing creates a ‘knowledge trail’ so others can come to understand your perspective and learn what might have taken you months. It’s a magical feeling to write a piece like “Welcome to 3.0” and have readers around the world thank you for your knowledge and share their own story. So I am going to keep at it even if no one’s reading it.

At this point, if you ARE reading this, you likely know me. But if you don’t, check out the ‘about’ page to the left. Also if you’re reading this, thanks for listening. I’ll be writing more insightful content tomorrow!