Jesse Grushack [insert buzzword here]

My Expertise

I'm an Entrepreneur, always searching for the next challenge; looking at problems from new perspectives. I know a lot about music, tech, festivals, crypto, decentralization, and project management.


I have worked in high-growth technology startup, often on the cutting edge of what's possible. The unknown is always the most daunting and exciting. My career has taken me to the tech side of music and on the bleeding edge of blockchain.


I co-founded a music-tech startup, Ujo, after spending time learning how archaic the music industry is. I used to write for Dancing Astronaut and have been known to enjoy live music from time to time.


While technology is amazing, it is only as good as the people it serves. I co-founded Ethereal to cultivate a creative community in the blockchain space. In my spare time, I also run a community at Burning Man, Node Republik.